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Audio Clock Recovery Unit LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG335)

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1.0 English
Table 1. Clocks and Description
Clock Description
s_axi_ctrl_aclk This is the AXI4-Lite interface clock. This can be of any frequency. Typically in a system, this clock is shared with other peripherals.
ref_clk This is the source clock for audio sampling clock recovery. This is the output of the vid_phy_controller. In case of HDMI it is the TMDS clock (rx_tmds_clk). In case of DisplayPort, it is the link clock (rxoutclk).
acr_clk This is the clock that is used to drive the ACR data from HDMI or DisplayPort.
aud_mclk This is the clock generated by the external clock chip. The frequency of this clock is decided based on the audio peripherals such as DAC/ADC and/or I2S. This clock is typically an integer multiple of 128*Fs.
aud_clk_out This is a reference clock signal to be connect to an external clock chip. This signal is in KHz range and should not be used inside an FPGA.
  1. For more details on clocking and usage, please refer HDMI and DisplayPort example designs in Designing with the Core.