MM2S Control Register (0x110) - 1.0 English

Audio Formatter LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG330)

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1.0 English
Bit Default Value Access Type Description
31:23 0x0 - Reserved
22:19 0x2 R/W Number of valid channels: Valid values are 2,4,6,8. This value must be less than or equal to maximum no. of channels programmed through GUI.
18:16 0x2 R/W PCM data width: PCM data width of data present in the memory.
  • 0x0 : 8 bits
  • 0x1 : 16 bits
  • 0x2 : 20 bits
  • 0x3 : 24 bits
  • 0x4 : 32 bits (Complete AES)
15:14 - - Reserved
13 0x1 R/W IOC_IrqEn: Enable interrupt on complete (IOC).
  • 1: Enables Interrupt after each period of data is transferred
  • 0: Disables interrupt
12 0x0 R/W Err_IrqEn: Enables interrupt on error.
11:2 - - Reserved
1 0x0 R/W Reset: Soft reset for resetting the MM2S core. Setting this bit to a 1 causes the MM2S core to be reset. Reset is accomplished gracefully. Pending commands/transfers are flushed or completed. AXI4-Stream outs are terminated early. After completion of a soft reset, all registers and bits are in the Reset State.
  • 0 = Reset not in progress. Normal operation/Out of reset.
  • 1 = Reset in progress.
0 0x0 R/W Run/Stop: Run/Stop control for controlling running and stopping of the DMA channel.
  • 0 = Stop – MM2S stops when current (if any) DMA operations are complete. Pending commands/transfers are flushed or completed. AXI4-Streams are potentially terminated. The halt in process bit in MM2S Status register shows the status of halt.
  • 1 = Run – Start MM2S operations.