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Binary CAM Search v3.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG317)

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3.0 English

Debug functions are controlled via the DEBUG_FLAGS parameter. DEBUG_FLAGS is a 32-bit integer where every bit controls a debug function. There are also symbolic names defined for every debug function in header files.

Table 1. Debug Flags
Debug Flag Description
CAM_DEBUG_NO_ERROR_MSG Disable printout of software error messages.
CAM_DEBUG_ARGS Software echoes input arguments.
CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_WR Software immediately reads back written data from hardware for verification. Mismatching data is reported with an error message. Intended for the verification of insert, update, and delete operations during hardware bringup.
CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_SHADOW The get_by_response and get_by_key operations read data from hardware and verify it against software shadow data. The get_by_key operation combined with CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_SHADOW enables software to perform an operation close to a lookup in the CAM hardware (only the matching entry is verified).
CAM_DEBUG_VERBOSE_VERIFY Enables printout of all verify operations (not only errors, which are printed by default). Applies to CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_WR, CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_SHADOW, and CAM_DEBUG_VERIFY_CONFIG.
CAM_DEBUG_SKIP_MEM_INIT Skip memory initialization. Useful for speeding up Verilog simulation. Not intended to be used in the target system.
CAM_DEBUG_CONFIG Enable printout of configuration parameters for both software and Verilog hardware simulation.
CAM_DEBUG_KEY_MASKING Enable error check for the presence of key value 1 in a masked (wildcarded) bit position. Applies stcam and tcam input arguments.
CAM_DEBUG_STATS Enable statistics printout in the bcam_destroy and stcam_destroy functions.
CAM_DEBUG_SEGMENTS Software prints segment map for virtualized bcam (vbcam).
CAM_DEBUG_SKIP_VERIFY_CONFIG Skip verification of hardware/software configuration parameters. Useful for software development without hardware available. Not intended to be used in the target system.
CAM_DEBUG_SET_COVER Software prints heap and set cover information for tcam.
CAM_DEBUG_CONFIG_ARGS Software prints the input cam_arg values before creating the instance.
CAM_DEBUG_HW_WR Verilog hardware prints write operations.
CAM_DEBUG_HW_RD Verilog hardware prints read operations.
CAM_DEBUG_HW_LOOKUP Verilog hardware prints lookup operations.