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Binary CAM Search v3.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG317)

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3.0 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
05/30/2024 Version 3.0
N/A Core version updated.
System Interface Ports Added details of key_rstn and corrected details of ram_rstn.
Resource Time Sharing Updated details.
Resets Added clarification.
User Parameters Added VARIABLE_RATE and PHYSICAL_CONSTRAINTS parameters, and made minor corrections.
Main Tab Added VARIABLE_RATE GUI option, and made minor corrections.
AXI4-Lite Interface Ports New section.
Simulation Debug Minor clarifications to debug flag descriptions.
Hardware Debug Added details about software driver bringup, inserting entries, and lookup operations.
11/01/2023 Version 2.6
N/A Core version updated.
  • Updated CBCAM description.
  • Updated configuration parameter descriptions.
  • Added details on parameter handling.
Product Specification Added HW Update Interface block information.
BCAM Table Management
  • Updated title.
  • Added details on HW Update Interface.
Lookup Interface Ports Updated figure.
Register Address Space Added CBCAM information
Driver Performance Updated title.
Configuration Example Added CBCAM and HW Update Interface information.
HW Update Interface on CBCAM Added topic.
Clocking Added information for running timing analysis with -2M speed grades.
Main Tab Updated screenshots and parameters
CAM Example Design Added topic.
05/17/2023 Version 2.5
N/A Core version updated.
BCAM Table Management Added details about CBCAM table management.
10/31/2022 Version 2.4
Performance Added note on AXI4-Lite when switching between read and write.
Main Tab
  • Updated images.
  • Added new parameters.
  • Added note for FORMAT_STRING parameter.
06/08/2022 Version 2.3
Features Added CBCAM feature information.
Overview Added CBCAM information.
Product Specification Updated diagram.
Error Correction Coding (ECC) Added information on lookup operations.
Performance Updated note.
Hardware Update Interface Ports (CBCAM only) Added topic.
Configuration Example Added CBCAM information.
Customizing and Generating the Core Updated core version.
Main Tab
  • Added CBCAM information
  • Updated figures.
User Parameters Added new parameter.
Example Design Added CBCAM information.
Upgrading Added reference to UG896.
Hardware Debug Added ports.
07/27/2021 Version 2.2
Initial release. N/A