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Versal Devices Integrated 100G Multirate Ethernet MAC Subsystem Product Guide (PG314)

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2.3 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
05/30/2024 Version 2.3
  • Modified MRMAC Control Port Descriptions table.
  • Added a note and modified TX Flex Interface timing diagram.
  • Modified the screenshots.
  • Modified the table notes.
  • Updates the flow and images.
01/29/2024 Version 2.2
Updated for v2.2.
07/11/2023 Version 2.1
Updated for v2.1.
Entire document General updates.
01/30/2023 Version 2.0
General updates Updated the Register Reference Files URL.
01/18/2023 Version 2.0
Simulation Speed Up Added Xcelium, Riviera-PRO.
Entire document General updates.
07/13/2022 Version 1.6
General updates Updated the register map ZIP file link
07/07/2022 Version 1.6
General updates Updated with minor technical changes.
01/10/2022 Version 1.5
PTP 1588 Timer Syncer IP Added PTP TIMESTAMP and SYSTIMER BUS information
Register Spaces Updated Register Map
11/15/2021 Version 1.4
Product Specification
  • PTP Updates
  • Port Table updates for 1588
Example Design Updated Example Design
Design Flow Steps Updated for v1.4
02/05/2021 Version 1.3
GT Quad Integration with AMD IP Cores Added new section under Design Flow Steps
02/03/2021 Version 1.3
Initial release. N/A