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DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG300)

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3.1 English

This section contains debugging steps for issues with the Sink device.

  • Check if the connected GPU is recognizing the streams correctly. Read the MSA of all the streams and verify against the GPU data.
  • Read the VC Payload table through an AXI write and check if the allocated stream IDs are sequential in the slots. The 0th slot is not used and should not contain any of the allocated stream IDs.

  • Check the symbol and disparity error counters through AXI reads. If there are a lot of errors, there might be video defects.
  • Check with the AUX analyzer to see if all the sideband messages are decoded properly.
  • Check the link rate and lane count at which it is trained. Four streams of 1080p are possible only in 5.4 x 4. With HBR, only two 1080p streams are possible. The link rate downshift might be because of a training failure—ensure that a DisplayPort v1.4 cable is used.

  • Make sure a DisplayPort v1.4 cable is used with MCDP6000 in between source and sink.