HDCP Key Interface - 3.1 English

DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG300)

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3.1 English
Table 1. Interrupt Interface
Port Name I/O Description
hdcp_ext_clk I HDCP external clock
hdcp_key_aclk I HDCP key clock
hdcp_key_aresetn I Key Interface reset; Active-Low
hdcp_key_tdata[63:0] I AXI4-Stream Key Tdata
hdcp_key_last I AXI4-Stream Key Tlast
hdcp_key_tready O AXI4-Stream Key Tready
hdcp_key_tuser[7:0] I

AXI4-Stream Key TUSER. KMB should send the Key number from 0 to 41.

0 corresponds to KSV and 1 to 40 are the HDCP Keys count.

hdcp_key_tvalid I AXI4-Stream Key TValid
reg_key_sel[2:0] O To select one of the eight sets of 40 keys
start_key_transmit O Active-High pulse that is used to start key transmit