DisplayPort Receive Adaptive Sync Status - 3.1 English

DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG300)

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3.1 English
Table 1. DisplayPort Receive Adaptive Sync Status
Offset Access Type Description
0x05C R/W INTERRUPT_MASK_2. Masks the specified interrupt sources from asserting the axi_init signal. When set 1, the specified interrupt source is masked. This register resets to all 1s at power up.

[31] - Adaptive-Sync SDP interrupt

[30] - Adaptive-Sync vblank interrupt

0x070 R/W1C [31] - Adaptive Sync SDP interrupt and generated when Adaptive-Sync SDP packet is received

[30] - Adaptive-Sync vblank interrupt and is generated when vblank value difference is detected between two consecutive frames

0x2C0 RO [31:0] - Adaptive Sync SDP header
0x2F0 RO [31:16] - Adaptive Sync Vertical Front Porch (VFP) derived based on Adaptive-Sync SDP reception. Assertion of Bit-31 of 0x070 has to read this register
0x2F4 RO Assertion of Bit-30 of 0x070 must read this register 15:0 value.

[15:0] - VBLANK of the incoming video stream

[31:16] - VTOTAL of the incoming video stream