AXI4-Stream PPS Receive Interface - 3.1 English

DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG300)

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3.1 English

This interface is enabled when DSC is selected.

Table 1. DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem PPS Interface
Port Name I/O Description
m_axis_rx_pps_tdata O PPS packet bytes generated in rx_lnk_clk.
m_axis_rx_pps_tvalid O PPS packet word valid from the DP RX subsystem.
m_axis_rx_pps_tready I AXI4-Stream ready input to DP RX subsystem. No throttling supported.
m_axis_rx_pps_tlast O The AXI4-Stream EOL used to indicate the last transaction of the PPS packet.
m_axis_rx_pps_tuser O The AXI4-Stream SOF used to indicate the first transaction of the PPS packet.