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SmartConnect (PG247)

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Clicking Show Advanced Properties (This Figure) presents the advanced properties for viewing and editing. These are only available after the IP integrator diagram containing the SmartConnect IP has been successfully validated.

Successful validation of the IP integrator diagram containing the SmartConnect is required because the set of available advanced options depends on information that is only available once the SmartConnect instance has self-configured its internal logic to meet the configuration requirements of its attached endpoints. The Show Advanced Properties button can be disabled if changes are made to the IP integrator diagram without a subsequent re-validation.

Note:   If the properties of the SmartConnect instance (number of masters, number of clocks, etc.) are changed, the diagram should be re-validated before subsequent changes to the advanced properties.

Figure 3-1:      Show Advanced Properties

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The advanced properties view consists of three tabs (as shown in This Figure):

Functional: Used to configure functional settings.

Timing: Used for tuning the timing/pipeline properties of the internal logic for FMax/Area optimization.

Clocking: Used to configure clocking settings.

Figure 3-2:      Advanced Properties Main Dialog

X-Ref Target - Figure 3-2


Each tab consists of three elements:

A schematic which shows a logical view of the SmartConnect’s internal topology and any currently applied advanced property overrides (1).

A table containing any advanced properties within the view (2).

A documentation pane which displays an overview of any parameter selected in the table (3).

The table listing of available advanced properties can be filtered by object or property name (clicking on an object in the schematic will automatically filter list to properties that apply to the selected object).

Objects in the advanced property schematic view (1) represent entry pipeline logic (Snn_Entry), buffers (Snn_Buffer/Mnn_Buffer), switchboard logic (SW0), and exit pipeline logic (Mnn_Exit).

Initially, the table of advanced properties (2) shows the value of each property as assigned by SmartConnect's internal automation. You can override the automated value of a property by setting the Override check box, clicking on the Value cell and selecting a new value from the drop-down menu which lists alternate values for the property.