Streaming Control - 3.0 English

AXI Traffic Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG125)

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3.0 English

Streaming Control register provides the current version of the AXI4-Stream interface and allows you to enable the core to generate traffic using the programmed configuration. This register is only available in the Streaming mode of operation.

Table 1. Streaming Control (0x30)
Bits Name Reset Value Access Type Description
31:24 Version 0x20 R Version Value
23:2 Reserved N/A N/A Reserved
1 Done 0x0 R/W1C

Transfer Done

0 = Indicates core is generating traffic when STREN is 1, else core is in idle mode

1 = Indicates traffic generation completed

This bit is set to 1 when the core is disabled by setting STREN to 0 and the current transfer is completed.

This bit resets to 0 either writing 1 to this bit or enabling the core with STREN.

0 STREN 0x0 R/W

Streaming Enable

0 = Disable traffic generation

1 = Enable traffic generation

  1. W1C – Write 1 to Clear (to clear register bit, you must write 1 to corresponding bits).
  2. During traffic generation if the core is forced to stop traffic (either by writing STREN to 0 or using core_ext_stop pin), the core completes the current transfer gracefully before stopping.