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AXI Traffic Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG125)

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3.0 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
10/18/2023 Version 3.0
Streaming Mode with Processor Addded a note.
02/11/2019 Version 3.0
N/A Updated Streaming Mode Register Map section.
04/04/2018 Version 3.0
  • Updated the invalid command information in Note 1 of Table 1-2.
  • Added one Note under Table 2-3.
10/04/2017 Version 3.0
  • Revision number advanced to 3.0 to align with the core version number.
  • Updated the Output AXI4 Master Interface ports.
04/05/2017 Version 2.0
  • Updated the figures to customize the core.
  • Updated the User Parameters table.
  • Added the LFSR implementation.
04/06/2016 Version 2.0
  • Updated Master RAM section.
  • Updated figures in Design Flow Steps chapter.
  • Added Write Address Gen Seed and Data Generator Seed descriptions.
  • Updated User Parameters table.
11/18/2015 Version 2.0
N/A Added support for UltraScale+ families.
09/30/2015 Version 2.0
  • Updated Features description in IP Facts.
  • Updated AXI4 Traffic Generator Block Diagram.
  • Added Address RAM section.
  • Moved Performance and Resource Utilization to HTML.
  • Updated Slave-Write/Slave-Read Address Map.
  • Added description to Static Mode.
  • Added description in High Level Traffic.
  • Added Extended Transfer Length register to Streaming Mode Register Map.
  • Updated figures in Design Flow Steps chapter.
  • Added Address Width section in AXI4 Protocol section.
  • Updated description in Static Mode Options section.
  • Updated description in AXI Options section.
  • Added parameters to Vivado IDE Parameter to User Parameter Relationship.
04/01/2015 Version 2.0
  • Updated description in 011 in PARAMRAM Entry Control Signals table.
  • Added description in PARAMRAM Opcodes section.
  • Updated GUIs in Customizing and Generating the Core section.
  • Added Repeat Count section.
  • Added User Parameters section.
  • Added UNISIM important note in Simulation section.
10/01/2014 Version 2.0
  • Document updates only for revision change.
  • Added note #4 in Table 1-2: CMDRAM Memory Format.
  • Added notes to Table 1-3: PARAMRAM Entry Control Signals.
  • Added note #2 to Table 1-6: OP_DELAY.
  • Updated description in Static Mode section.
  • Added Note and Important note in High Level Traffic section.
  • Added note #3 to Table 2-3: AXI Traffic Generator I/O Signals.
  • Added note to Table 2-19: Static Length.
  • Updated Static Mode Options section.
  • Updated AXI Options section.
04/02/2014 Version 2.0
  • Updated Flexible data width capabilities and initialization support in Features section.
  • Updated Basic description in AXI Traffic Generator Modes table.
  • Updated AXI4-Stream Traffic Generator Block Diagram figure.
  • Updated description in Command RAM section.
  • Updated Bits[31:29] descriptions in PARAMRAM Entry Control Signals table.
  • Updated Mstram_index offsets in Address Generation section.
  • Updated CMDRAM and MSTRAM region in Slave-Write/Slave-Read Address Map table and description
  • Added entries are 32-bit and Cascading ATGs description in System Init/ Test Mode section.
  • Added High Level Traffic section and updated System Init/Test Mode status description in Programming Sequence section.
  • Updated description in Advanced/Basic Mode without Processor Intervention section.
  • Updated Resource Utilization section.
  • Updated TDATA Width description in AXI4-Stream Protocol section.
  • Updated Bit[19] descriptions in Master Control (0x00) register.
  • Added Bit[2] in Streaming Config (0x34) register.
  • Added User STRB/TKEEP Set 1 to 4 (0x40 to 0x4C) registers.
  • Added traffic generation note to Streaming Control (0x30) and Static Mode Control (0x60) registers.
  • Added IP integrator note in AXI4-Lite Protocol section.
  • Added One-shot and Repetitive descriptions in Data Mode section.
12/18/2013 Version 2.0
  • Added UltraScale support.
  • Added loop enable Bit[19] to Master Control register 0x0.
10/02/2013 Version 2.0

Revision number advanced to 2.0 to align with core version number.

  • Added new features in IP Facts.
  • Added IP Integrator.
  • Updated Overview chapter.
  • Updated Resource Utilization in Product Specification chapter.
  • Updated Streaming Config register.
  • Updated Resets section.
  • Updated Generating and Customizing the Core chapter.
  • Added Simulation, Synthesis, Example Design, and Test Bench chapters.
  • Added Port Changes in Migrating Appendix.
  • Added Streaming mode to General Checks in Debug Appendix.
03/20/2013 Version 1.0
Initial Xilinx release. This Product Guide replaces PG094 AXI Exerciser.