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AXI Traffic Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG125)

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3.0 English

Master Control register allows you to configure the master interface ID width and control to enable the AXI traffic.

Table 1. Master Control (0x00)
Bits Name Reset Value Access Type Description
31:24 REV 0x20 R Revision of the core.
23:21 MSTID 0x0 R

M_ID_WIDTH, where:

0x0 = Indicates 0 or 1-bit width

0x1 = Indicates 2-bit width


0x7 = Indicates 8-bit width

20 MSTEN 0x0 R/W

Master Enable

When set, the master logic begins. When both the Read and Write state machines complete, this bit is automatically cleared to indicate to the software that the AXI Traffic Generator is done.

19 Loop Enable 1 0x0 R/W

Loop Enable

  • Loops through the command set created using CMDRAM and PARAMRAM (as applicable) indefinitely when set to 1.
  • When this bit is reset to 0, the core stops looping after the current command set of transactions is completed.
  • Dependency (if any, both mydepend and otherdepend) is ignored when loop enable is set. Dependency gets honored after the loop enable is reset to 0.
  • Both channels loop back to their first command independently without waiting for the outstanding transactions to get completed.
  • If the interrupt is enabled, core generates irq_out after completing the command set following the reset of loop enable to 0.
Note: Dependency for the last command set run is based on the point at which the loop enable is reset to 0. For example, a command set with 12 writes and 16 reads is present with the 13th read is dependent on the sixth write. Now if the loop enable is reset to 0 before the sixth write and 13th read of command run, you see the dependency in the last run else the dependency is not seen even after loop enable is reset.

For bullet point 4, consider a case of a command set with 50 write commands and two read commands. In such a case, the read command should be repeated more than once before one set of write commands is completed.

18:0 Reserved N/A N/A Reserved
  1. One Invalid command has to be written in the CMDRAM at the end with/without setting Loop Enable.