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AXI Traffic Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG125)

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3.0 English

Assume a test core operates in the following method when the core is enabled through a register bit:

  • Checks for the Configuration register values
  • Generates output based on the configuration
  • Updates the Status register after completed

This is tested in hardware using the System Test mode of the AXI Traffic Generator by developing the COE files.

After following the example, this can be tested with this test sequence.

  1. Program Configuration register (0x4) to a value of 0x12A0_1100.
  2. Enable completion status bit in Status Enable register (0x8) with a value 0x0000_000F.
  3. Enable the core by writing to the Control register (0x0) with a value of 0x0000_0001.
  4. Read the Status register (0xC) until the status value is 0x0000_000F.

Based on the test sequence, four COE files need to be developed. Using these COE files the AXI Traffic Generator generates the test sequence and asserts done with the appropriate status.