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AXI Traffic Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG125)

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This is a special case, where you can configure different AXI options to generate the desired AXI traffic for custom protocol.

Traffic Gen
Generates one set of traffic or repetitive traffic (One-shot, Repetitive)
Based on your settings, the core internally creates a command set to meet your requirements.
Internally created command set is executed once.
Internally created command set is executed repeatedly until the core receives a stop pulse through core_ext_stop.
Traffic Pattern
Length of AXI transactions, Random lengths with a minimum, maximum, and average length value or Fixed length transactions.

When Address sweep is enabled, only a fixed traffic pattern is supported and all transactions are generated with this burst length.

The core tries to achieve the average length on a channel as the percentage of traffic share on that channel increases.

For example, the average length of transactions generated closely matches with the Vivado IDE setting when a percentage of traffic share is 50%. Rather than with a case where a traffic share is 5%.

Transaction Type
Read Only, Write Only or Read Write transactions.
Inter Transfer Gap (ITG) Type
Type of the gap between issuance of two AXI transactions. Fixed (Minimum Fixed Gap in Clocks) or Random gap with a range of 0 to 1,024.
Note: The IP in this mode always has a minimum six cycles delay between transactions, so the values from zero to six have no effect.
Transaction Seed
Seed value for the traffic generation. This allows you to regenerate the same traffic with the same seed.