AXI4-Lite Protocol - 3.0 English

AXI Traffic Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG125)

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3.0 English

System Init/Test mode allows you to generate the AXI4 transaction on the master interface. Transactions are generated based on the configuration file you provided. When core generates all transactions, it asserts the done and status signals indicating the status of the generation.

Transaction Depth
Maximum number of address and data entries supported in COE file. Available transaction depth are 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256.
Data COE File
Loads/creates the data COE file. Contains data entries for the corresponding address in the Address COE file.
Address COE File
Loads/creates the address COE file. Contains address entries for the transactions to be generated on the master interface. The end of the transaction is defined by NOP (0xFFFFFFFF). The core stops generating any further transactions after processing NOP.
Note: In IP integrator, the addresses in COE files should be updated based on the address space allocated by the tool.
Control COE File
Loads/creates the control COE file. Contains the control information of the type of transaction to be generated, the next COE entry to be fetched, and to count if any errors occurred.
Mask COE File
Loads/creates the Mask COE File. Contains the Mask bits to be used during read data comparison.
System Init
Generates write transactions.
System Test
Generates write and read transactions.
Number of AXI Channels
Number of AXI4-Lite interfaces available on which the transactions are generated. The core compares address entry with each channel Base/High address value and generates transactions on the matching channel.
CH{n}_Base Address
Base address corresponding to channel {n}.
CH{n}_High Address
High address corresponding to channel {n}.
Maximum Command Retry Count
Allows you to limit the Maximum number of times the same transaction can be issued without other transactions in between.
Maximum Clocks to Run
Maximum number of clocks after coming out of reset the total sequence can take after which it is declared Hang.