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AXI Memory Mapped to Stream Mapper LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG102)

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1.1 English

A behavioral Verilog test bench that wraps around the example design top level is provided when the example design output product is generated. The test bench provides clocking and reset stimulus to the example design top level to run simulations on the example design. It monitors the done output to signal simulation completion. The test bench is useful for getting familiar with the signaling on the core by observing the simulation waveforms. The test bench will work with all simulation outputs from behavioral RTL through post-implementation timing.

In the example design, the simulation sources file set includes the test bench. To run the test bench, select the Run Simulation option in the Vivado Flow Navigator . Once the simulation is open issue the “run all” command to run the simulation to completion. Output similar to code shown below will be seen if the simulation completes successfully.

1937.60ns: exdes_tb: Starting testbench

2017.60ns: exdes_tb: Asserting reset for 16 cycles

2097.60ns: exdes_tb: Reset complete

68480.00ns: exdes_tb: SIMULATION PASSED

68480.00ns: exdes_tb: Test Completed Successfully

For more information with running the simulation test bench, see the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Getting Started (UG810) [Ref 6] .