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AXI Memory Mapped to Stream Mapper LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG102)

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1.1 English

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Revision Summary

08/09/2022 Version 1.1

IP Facts

Added Versal ACAP support.

Product Specification

Added a new section: TID Mapping .

04/05/2017 Version 1.1

IP Facts

Removed loopback testing from IP Facts.

04/04/2016 Version 1.1

All Chapters

Removed references to Aurora protocol.

11/18/2015 Version 1.1

All Chapters

Added UltraScale+ support.

04/01/2015 Version 1.1

IP Facts

Updated Master AR.

10/02/2013 Version 1.1

Test Bench and Example Design

Added Test Bench and Example Design chapters.

03/20/2013 Version 1.0

Initial Xilinx release.
Originally released as Early Access for 2012.4 in 12/18/2012.