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AXI4-Stream Infrastructure IP Suite (PG085)

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3.0 English

AXI4-Stream Data Width Converter

° Increases the width of the TDATA signal by combining a series of AXI4-Stream transfers into one larger transfer.

° Decreases the width of a TDATA signal by splitting an AXI4-Stream transfer into a series of smaller transfers.

AXI4-Stream Subset Converter

Routing Modules

AXI4-Stream Broadcaster

° Duplicates an AXI4-Stream transfer to multiple slaves

AXI4-Stream Switch

° Allows multiple masters and slave to be connected by using the TDEST signal to route transfers to different slaves.

° Optional control register routing mode that uses an AXI4-Lite interface to specify routing.

AXI4-Stream Interconnect (Requires Vivado).

° Allows masters and slaves with differing AXI4-Stream characteristics to exchange AXI4-Stream transfers.