Transmit a Packet - 4.3 English

AXI4-Stream FIFO LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG080)

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4.3 English
  1. Call SetupInterruptSystem function which does the initialization of the interrupt controller
  2. Call the function XLlFifo_IntEnable to enable all the required interrupts.
  3. Call the TxSend function to write the data to TXFIFO and check TDFV for the FIFO occupancy before writing to the TX FIFO using the XLFifo_iTxVacancy function.
  4. Start transmission by writing to TLR using the XLIFifo_iTxSetLen function.
  5. Wait for the data transmission to complete. Calls FIFOHandler interrupt handler and if it is a TX complete, calls FIFOSendHandler; next, clears the ISR.