Store-and-Forward Mode - 4.3 English

AXI4-Stream FIFO LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG080)

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4.3 English

In this mode, the length is written by the AXI4-Stream FIFO core when the complete packet is received across the RX AXI4-Stream interface. The width of the RLR is wide enough to support packets up to 8 MBytes–4 (8388604) in length. The smallest packet that can be received is 1 byte. The maximum packet that can be received is limited by the size of the FIFO, which is (C_RX_FIFO_DEPTH–4)*(data interface width/8) bytes.

Figure 1. Receive Length Register: Store-and-Forward Mode (Offset 0x24)
Table 1. Receive Length Register (Store-and-Forward Mode) Bit Definitions
Bit(s) Name Core Access Reset Value Description
22:0 RXL Read 0x0 Receive Length : The number of bytes of the corresponding receive data stored in the receive data FIFO.
31:23 Reserved Read 0x0 Reserved : These bits are reserved for future definition and always return all zeros.