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Aurora 64B/66B LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG074)

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12.0 English
Aurora 64B/66B core throughput depends on the number of transceivers, transceiver type, and the target line rate of the selected transceivers. For GTH transceivers, the throughput varies from 0.48 Gbps to 254.06 Gbps for a single-lane design to a 16-lane design, respectively. For GTY transceivers, the throughput varies from 0.455 Gbps to 400 Gbps with the supported line rate range of 0.5 Gbps to 25.7813 Gbps. The maximum throughput for GTY might not give an accurate lane striping difference in the design when the line rate is greater than 16.375 Gbps.
Note: For better timing performance when using the default Synthesis strategy from VIVADO, reduce the line rate by around 30% from the Maximum line rate supported by IP/Transceiver. Reduce the line rate by 50% when CRC_MODE is enabled. With another suitable synthesis strategy, the user can achieve the maximum Line rate supported in the IP. Refer to Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Synthesis (UG901).
Note: Refer Aurora 64B/66B Characterization for characterization details when CRC_MODE is disabled.