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AXI Chip2Chip LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG067)

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This Figure provides the clocking requirement for the SelectIO interface. In addition to AXI clocks, the deskew function, when enabled, requires an additional 200 MHz or 300 MHz (± 10 MHz) reference clock. Both AXI Chip2Chip Master and AXI Chip2Chip Slave cores can be independently selected for either Common Clock or Independent Clock operations. When the AXI Chip2Chip Slave core is selected for Common Clock operation, the core provides clock and reset (Link Status) to the interfacing slave AXI system.

When the AXI4-Lite interface is enabled, it always operates on an independent axi_lite clock input. The AXI4-Lite Master core operations are synchronous to s_axi_lite_aclk , and the AXI Lite Slave core operations are synchronous to m_axi_lite_aclk .

IMPORTANT: All input clocks to the Master or Slave Chip2Chip cores must be stable when Reset input to the core is deasserted.

Figure 3-1: Clocking with the SelectIO Interface

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This Figure shows the clocking, reset and interface connectivity with the Aurora IP core. In this example, the Aurora core requires differential GT reference clock ( gt_refclk ) inputs and differential free running clock ( init_clk ) inputs for core operations. The Aurora core provides the single-ended PHY clock ( user_clk ) and single ended aurora_init_clk to the AXI Chip2Chip core.

The stability of user_clk is validated by mmcm_not_locked output from the Aurora core. AXI Chip2Chip link-up operations are initiated only when Aurora output mmcm_not_locked is deasserted and channel_up is asserted. On link-up, the AXI Chip2Chip generates a pulse (stay alive pulse) on do_cc output once in every 10,000 clock cycles of free running aurora_init_clk .

The AXI Chip2Chip Master core with Aurora interface supports only independent clock mode. The AXI Chip2Chip Slave core supports both Common Clock and Independent clock modes. The s_aclk is always required as AXI input clocks for AXI Chip2Chip Master core. The m_aclk is always required as AXI input clocks for the AXI Chip2Chip Slave core. The m_aclk_out is provided as an additional clock output in Common Clock mode. The m_aclk_out output can be used as an AXI System Clock. In addition, it should be connected to m_aclk input of the AXI Chip2Chip Slave core.

In common clock operations, the AXI Chip2Chip Slave core connects the Aurora user_clk to the m_aclk_out output of the core. In this case, the pma_init reset must be handled externally, and asserting pma_init resets the MMCM generating the user_clk . It is also recommended to connect pma_init to the m_aresetn input of the AXI Chip2Chip Slave core in Common Clock mode.

Figure 3-2: AXI Chip2Chip Connectivity and Clocking with the Aurora IP Core

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