MDIO Configuration Registers - 9.0 English

Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG051)

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9.0 English
Table 1. MDIO Configuration Registers
Address (Hex) Description
0x500 Table 2
0x504 Table 3
0x508 Table 4
0x50C Table 5

The contents of each configuration register are shown in the following tables.

Table 2. MDIO Setup Word (0x500)
Bits Default Value Type Description
31:7 N/A RO Reserved
6 0x0 R/W MDIO Enable: When this bit is 1, the MDIO interface can be used to access attached PHY devices. When this bit is 0, the MDIO interface is disabled and the MDIO signals remain inactive. A write to this bit only takes effect if the Clock Divide is set to a non-zero value.
5:0 0x0 R/W Clock Divide[5:0]: See Accessing PHY Configuration Registers, through MDIO Using the Management Interface.
Table 3. MDIO Control Word (0x504)
Bits Default Value Type Description
31:29 N/A RO Reserved
28:24 0x0 R/W TX_PHYAD: This controls the PHY address being accessed.
23:21 N/A RO Reserved
20:16 0x0 R/W TX_REGAD: This controls the register address being accessed.
15:14 0x0 R/W

TX_OP: This field controls the type of access performed when a 1 is written to initiate.

01-Write Access

10-Read Access

13:12 N/A RO Reserved
11 0x0 WO Initiate: Writing a 1 to this bit starts an MDIO transfer.
10:8 N/A RO Reserved
7 0x0 RO MDIO ready: When set, the MDIO is enabled and ready for a new transfer. This is also used to identify when a previous transaction has completed (for example, Read data is valid).
6:0 N/A RO Reserved
Table 4. MDIO Write Data (0x508)
Bits Default Value Type Description
31:16 N/A RO Reserved
15:0 0x0000 R/W Write Data
Table 5. MDIO Read Data (0x50C)
Bits Default Value Type Description
31:17 N/A RO Reserved
16 0x0 RO MDIO Ready: This is a copy of Bit[7] of the MDIO Control Word.
15:0 0x0000 RO Read Data: Only valid when MDIO ready is sampled High.