Address Map - 9.0 English

Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG051)

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9.0 English

The MAC address map, as shown in the following table, has been updated to fully memory map all registers and provide the same interface in all cases. Where possible, gaps have been left to allow for future expansion. The Address Map has been split into distinct functional blocks. Each of these blocks is described in more detail in the following sections. For full details of the registers, see Register Space.

Table 1. MAC Registers
Address (Hex) Description
0x000-0x1FC Reserved
0x200-0x3FC Statistics Counters
0x400-0x4FC MAC Configuration
0x500-0x5FC MDIO Interface
0x600-0x6FC Interrupt Controller
0x700-0x7FC Frame Filter
0x800-0xFFFC Reserved
0x10000-0x10FFC RX PTP Packet Buffer Address Space
0x11000-0x117FC TX PTP Packet Buffer Address Space
0x11800-0x11FFC Reserved
0x12000-0x127FC AVB Configuration
0x12800-0x13FFC RTC Configuration