Layout and Placement - 16.2 English

1G/2.5G Ethernet PCS/PMA or SGMII LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG047)

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16.2 English

The steps provided are a useful guide, but additional knowledge is assumed. To help with the guidelines in this mode, see the UltraScale Architecture SelectIO Resources User Guide (UG571). A working knowledge of theAMD Vivado Design Suite is also useful to locate particular clock buffers and slices.

Use the following guidelines:

  • All the transmitter and receiver lanes should be within the same BYTE_GROUP.
  • All transmitter lanes should be within one nibble and receiver lanes should be within another nibble within the same byte group.
  • Nibble selection and placement selection for lanes of the transmitter and receiver must match the Vivado IDE selection of placement constraints.
  • The following I/O constraints related to EQUALIZATION, DQS_BIAS, DIFF_TERM, PRE_EMPHASIS must be set appropriately for your application:

Receiver Pins

#IO standard has to be LVDS

set_property IOSTANDARD LVDS [get_ports rxn]

set_property IOSTANDARD LVDS [get_ports rxp]

# Equalization can be set to EQ_LEVEL0-4 based on the loss in the channel. EQ_NONE is #an invalid option

set_property EQUALIZATION EQ_LEVEL0 [get_ports rxn]

set_property EQUALIZATION EQ_LEVEL0 [get_ports rxp]

#DQS_BIAS is to be set to TRUE if internal DC biasing is used - this is recommended. #If the signal is biased externally on the board, should be set to FALSE

set_property DQS_BIAS TRUE [get_ports rxn]

set_property DQS_BIAS TRUE [get_ports rxp]

# DIFF_TERM is to be set to TERM_100 if internal Diff term is used - this is #recommended. If differential termination is external on the board, should be set to #TERM_NONE

set_property DIFF_TERM_ADV TERM_100 [get_ports rxn]

set_property DIFF_TERM_ADV TERM_100 [get_ports rxp]

Transmit Pins

#LVDS_PRE_EMPHASIS can be set to TRUE/FALSE based on loss in the line if pre-emphasis #is desired or not. Note, if PRE -emphasis is desired, ENABLE_PRE_EMPHASIS attribute #in TXBITSLICE needs to be set to TRUE as well.

set_property LVDS_PRE_EMPHASIS FALSE [get_ports txn]

set_property LVDS_PRE_EMPHASIS FALSE [get_ports txp]

#IO standard has to be LVDS

set_property IOSTANDARD LVDS [get_ports txn]

set_property IOSTANDARD LVDS [get_ports txp]