Maximum Frequencies - 6.2 English

Video Timing Controller Product Guide (PG016)

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6.2 English

This section contains typical clock frequencies for the target devices. The maximum achievable clock frequency can vary. The maximum achievable clock frequency and all resource counts can be affected by other tool options, additional logic in the FPGA device, using a different version of AMD tools and other factors.

Virtex 7, Kintex 7, Zynq 7000 (XC7Z030, XC7Z045) Devices: 225 MHz

Artix 7, Zynq 7000 (XC7Z010, XC7Z020) Devices: 150 MHz

Kintex UltraScale™, Kintex UltraScale+™ (XKU035, XCKU15P) Devices: 400 MHz

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family: 400 MHz