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O-RAN Radio Interface O-RAN Radio Interface (PB063)

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3.0 English
This AMD LogiCORE™ IP module is provided under the terms of the Core License Agreement. The module is shipped as part of the AMD Vivado™ Design Suite. For full access to all core functionalities in simulation and in hardware, you must purchase a license for the core. Evaluation licenses and hardware timeout licenses are available for this core. Contact your local sales representative for information about pricing and availability.
Note: To verify that you need a license, check the License column of the IP Catalog. Included means that a license is included with the AMD Vivado™ Design Suite; Purchase means that you have to purchase a license to use the core.

For more information about this core, visit the O-RAN lounge web page.

Information about other AMD LogiCORE™ IP modules is available at the Intellectual Property page. For information about pricing and availability of other AMD LogiCORE IP modules and tools, contact your local sales representative.