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Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit Data Sheet (DS988)

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This section describes the power requirements, power-on sequence, power-on reset sequence, and power management functions.

Table 1. KR260 Starter Kit Power Specifications
Parameter Description
DC input power +12V, 3A
Recommended power adapter The CUI Inc. SMI36-12-V-P6 adapter connected using a center-pin positive barrel connector (2.5 mm ID, 5.5 mm OD)
SOM supply +5V, 3A (VCC_SOM)
SOM power telemetry Current sense device is available through the I2C bus to monitor the current on the VCC_SOM power rail
USB 3.0 5.0V, 900 mA per port (1.0A limit per port)
Pmod interface from Digilent Inc. 3.3V, 100 mA (1.0A limit, shared across all four Pmod expansion interfaces)
Raspberry Pi Expansion Header 3.3V (1.0A limit), 5.0V (1.0A limit)
SFP+ 3.3V (600 mA)
Framos FPA SLVS-EC 1.8V (800 mA), 3.8V (1.0A)
microSD card 3.3V (200 mA)

KR260 Starter Kit Power On Sequence

  1. External power adapter supplies 12V power
  2. Carrier card on-board regulator generates 5V supply and provides power to other voltage regulators
  3. SOM power rail (VCC_SOM) is powered by a 5V supply
  4. When the 5V regulator output voltage level is within the specified range and a power-good signal is asserted and the POWER_OFF_C2M_L (PWROFF_C2M_B in schematic) signal is deasserted by the carrier card
  5. SOM on board power on sequencing starts
  6. Carrier card provides PS and PL VCCO voltage rails after the SOM asserts the VCCOEN_PS_M2C and VCCOEN_PL_M2C signals

KR260 Starter Kit Power On Reset

  1. The SOM reset signal PS_POR_L (PS_POR_B in schematic) is held in reset until the PS_PGOOD (CC_PS_PGOOD in schematic) signal is asserted.
  2. To perform a hard reset on the SOM, use the reset push-button on the carrier card to assert the PS_POR_L (PS_POR_B in schematic) signal.
  3. All the PS and PL I/O device reset signals on the carrier card are held in reset until 25 ms after the PS and PL power domain are powered up and stable.