Alveo MA35D Media Acceleration Card Data Sheet (DS1010)

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The AMD Alveo™ MA35D media accelerator is a single slot, half-height, half-length passively cooled card capable of supporting video decoding, multi-resolution scaling, and encoding of 4k and 1080p source streams (up to 32 1080p60 streams). It targets a new era of media applications, scaling for cost, area, and power per stream while maintaining video quality. The MA35D card is capable of faster than real-time encoding as well as multiple concurrent standards. Standards supported include:

  • H.264, H.265, AV1, and VP9 decode.
  • H.264, H.265, and AV1 encode.

The Alveo MA35D media acceleration card has a physical PCIe® x8 interface which functions as a bifurcated PCIe Gen4 x4x4 compliant interface. The card operates up to 40W thermal design power (TDP). A video acceleration solution is available for the card and can be found in the Advanced Media Acceleration (AMA) Video SDK . It provides software along with directions to update the card firmware.

Figure 1. Alveo MA35D Card with Full-Height Bracket