Card and Electrical Protections

Alveo MA35D Media Acceleration Card Data Sheet (DS1010)

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The MA35D card has logic to reset individual ASIC devices and to reset the card when respective reset thresholds are reached or exceeded. When a reset occurs, power to the SC will remain on, but the card will be pulled off the PCIe bus and not be detectable by the OS. A cold reboot of the server is required to recover. Warning thresholds should be used by BMC. The following table lists ASIC device thresholds and are applicable equally to both devices.

Table 1. Device Thermal and Electrical Protection Thresholds
Sensor Description Device Reset Threshold Device Warning Threshold
ASIC temperature 110°C 100°C
VCCINT temperature 125°C 105°C

The following table lists the card thresholds. Card temperature is the maximum of the inlet and outlet temperatures.

Table 2. Card Thermal and Electrical Protection Thresholds
Sensor Description Card Reset Threshold Card Warning Threshold
3.3V PEX 3A for 1s 2.75A for 1s
12V PEX 5.5A for 1s 5.25A for 1s
Card temperature 90°C 85°C