Setting an Alert

Getting Started with the Technical Information Portal (XTP716)

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1.10 English
  1. Set your search criteria as follows:
    1. From the Search page, do any of the following:
    2. Click the Search icon .
  2. In the Filters tab in the sidebar, enable Search in document titles only.
    Note: If you do not enable this option, the alert lists all topic titles that match your search criteria rather than document titles only.
  3. In the Search Page, click Save/Alert below your search query.
  4. In the slide-out panel on the right, set the following:
    1. Save the search results as a search.
    2. Enter a name for your search, and optionally add a description and select a color.
    3. Enable Activate alert to receive a weekly email when content that matches your search query is added or changed.
    4. Click Save/Alert.
Note: You can edit the saved search associated with the alert as described in Editing a Saved Search.
Tip: To create alerts for different languages, set the language for the search query as described in Setting the Language of the Documents to Search, create your search query, and set an alert on the search.