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Getting Started with the Technical Information Portal (XTP716)

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Tip: If you do not see your filters in the sidebar, click the Filters icon .

From the Filters tab in the sidebar, you can set the following options:

Clear filters
Removes all filters.
Search type
When Search in document titles only is enabled, shows only document titles that contain the specified search terms. When this option is disabled, shows all content that contains the specified search terms.
Shows only content associated with the selected AMD products (for example, AMD Versal™ Prime series).
Note: You can expand or collapse the list of products using the icon to the right of the Product label.
Document Type
Shows only documents associated with the selected document type (for example, Product Guide).
Design Process
Shows only documents associated with the selected AMD design processes:
AI Engine Development
Creating the AI Engine graph and kernels, library use, simulation debugging and profiling, and algorithm development. Also includes the integration of the PL and AI Engine kernels.
Board System Design
Designing a PCB through schematics and board layout. Also involves power, thermal, and signal integrity considerations.
Embedded Software Development
Creating the software platform from the hardware platform and developing the application code using the embedded CPU. Also covers XRT and Graph APIs.
Hardware, IP, and Platform Development
Creating the PL IP blocks for the hardware platform, creating PL kernels, functional simulation, and evaluating the AMD Vivado™ timing, resource use, and power closure. Also involves developing the hardware platform for system integration.
Machine Learning and Data Science
Importing a machine learning model from a PyTorch, TensorFlow, or other popular framework onto AMD Vitis™ AI, and then optimizing and evaluating its effectiveness.
System and Solution Planning
Identifying the components, performance, I/O, and data transfer requirements at a system level. Includes application mapping for the solution to PS, PL, and AI Engine.
System Integration and Validation
Integrating and validating the system functional performance, including timing, resource use, and power closure.
Last update
Limits the search results to documents updated in the time frame specified.