Saving Search Results

Getting Started with the Technical Information Portal (XTP716)

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1.10 English
  1. Set your search criteria as described in Creating a Search Query.
  2. In the Search Page, click Save/Alert below your search query.
  3. In the slide-out panel on the right, set the following:
    1. Specify whether to save the search results as:
      a search
      Saves your search result to My searches in the left pane.
      Note: To set an alert on your saved search, you must select a search.
      a collection
      Saves your search result to My Library.
    2. Enter a name for your search, and optionally add a description and select a color.
    3. Enable Activate alert to receive a weekly email when content that matches your search query is added or changed.
    4. Click Save/Alert.