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Getting Started with the Technical Information Portal (XTP716)

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If your email alert includes a list of topics instead of a list of document titles, the associated saved search is not limited to document titles only. Edit your saved search to enable Search in document titles only as follows:
  1. In the upper right, click My Library > Searches.
  2. Click the name of your saved search to open your search query. For example:

  3. In the Filters tab, enable Search in Document Titles Only.
  4. In the Search Page, click Save/Alert below your search query.
  5. In the slide-out panel on the right, set the following:
    1. Save the search results as a search.
    2. Enter a name for your search, and optionally add a description and select a color.
    3. Enable Activate alert to receive a weekly email when content that matches your search query is added or changed.
    4. Click Save/Alert.
  6. Optionally, delete your original saved search as described in Deleting a Saved Search.