TX and RX Power Down

Versal Adaptive SoC GTY and GTYP Transceivers Architecture Manual (AM002)

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When the TX and RX power control signals are used in non-PCI Express implementations, CH*_TXPD and CH*_RXPD can be used independently. Also, when these interfaces are used in non-PCI Express applications, only two power states are supported, as shown in the following table. When using this power-down mechanism, these must be true:

  • CH*_TXPD[1] and CH*_TXPD[0] are connected together.
  • CH*_RXPD[1] and CH*_RXPD[0] are connected together.
  • CH*_TXDETECTRX must be tied Low.
  • CH*_TXELECIDLE must be tied to CH*_TXPD[1] and CH*_TXPD[0].
Table 1. TX and RX Power States for Operation in Non-PCI Express Designs
CH*_TXPD[1:0] or CH*_RXPD[1:0] Description
00 Normal mode. Transceiver TX or RX is actively sending or receiving data.
11 Power-down mode. Transceiver TX or RX is idle.

Power savings can be achieved by setting the CH*_TXPD and CH*_RXPD ports to 2'b11, and setting TX_CLKMUX_EN and ILO_CLKMUX_EN to 1'b0.