Versal Adaptive SoC GTY and GTYP Transceivers Architecture Manual (AM002)

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The simulation environment and the test bench must fulfill specific prerequisites before running simulation using the transceiver primitives. For instructions on how to set up the simulation environment for supported simulators depending on the used hardware description language (HDL), see the latest version of the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900).

The prerequisites for simulating a design with the GTYE5_QUAD or GTYP_QUAD primitives are listed:

  • A simulator with support for SecureIP models: SecureIP is an IP encryption methodology. SecureIP models are encrypted versions of the Verilog HDL used for implementation of the modeled block. To support SecureIP models, a simulator that complies with the encryption standards described in the Verilog language reference manual (LRM)—IEEE Standard for Verilog Hardware Description Language (IEEE Std 1364-2005) is required.
  • A mixed-language simulator for VHDL simulation: SecureIP models use a Verilog standard. To use them in a VHDL design, a mixed-language simulator is required. The simulator must be able to simulate VHDL and Verilog simultaneously.
  • An installed GTY or GTYP transceiver SecureIP model.
  • The correct setup of the simulator for SecureIP use (initialization file, environment variables).
  • The correct simulator resolution (Verilog).