Prerequisites - 2023.1 English

AMD-Xilinx Kubernetes Device Plugin

Release Date
2023.1 English

The following instructions assume that your system satisfies the following requirements:

  • All FPGAs have the Shell(Target Platform) flashed already.
  • XRT(version is no older than 2018.3) installed on all worker nodes where there are FPGA(s) inserted
  • Container runtime in k8s is docker or containerD
  • k8s version >= 1.17 (all tests have been running with version 1.17. Old version may or may not work)

Additionally for AWS EKS:

  • The AWS CLI is installed and the access key is correctly configured
  • eksctl is installed

For information regarding Kubernetes installation refer to For additional information about Amazon EKS, refer to the Amazon EKS user guide: