3. Deploy Kubernetes Device Plugin with Device Name Customization Function - 2023.1 English

AMD-Xilinx Kubernetes Device Plugin

Release Date
2023.1 English

Following steps are required to deploy the Kubernetes device plugin when the user wants to use the name customize function:

Step 1. Create config file NameCustomize.json on an control-plane node (or any Kubernetes node with Kubectl access)

Step 2. Create Kubernetes configmap device-name-config

$ kubectl create configmap k8s-device-plugin-configmap --from-file=[file path NameCustomize.json] -n kube-system

Step 3. Remove perivous device plugin

$ kubectl delete daemonset device-plugin-daemonset -n kube-system

Step 4. Create device plugin yaml file k8s-device-plugin.yaml with configmap device-name-config mounted

Step 5. Deploy new device plugin

$ kubectl create -f k8s-device-plugin.yaml