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1.4 English

The Settings Dialog is used to control preferences for handling documents, Internet settings, and providing information about the application configuration.

  • To open the Settings Dialog, click the icon located on the Main Toolbar.

The Preferences Tab provides several options for handling documents.

  • The Download Directory determines where on the local network to download documents.
    • It must be a writeable directory with a sufficient amount of disk space to store the documents that are downloaded.
  • There are two choices for opening locally downloaded PDF documents.
    • The first choice is to open local PDF documents in a separate window in the application defined by the operating system to handle PDF files.
    • The second choice is to explicitly select a program to use for opening local PDF documents.
      • Typically, use the Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. However, you can also use the other PDF viewing applications.
      • The setting expects a fully specified path pointing to the executable or the name of the executable if it is available on the system PATH environment variable.

The Updates Tab controls if the application checks the Xilinx website for catalog and document updates.

  • By default, the system automatically performs this check, when the application starts up.
    • Keeping the Document Catalog up to date is important for accurately tracking when new documents are published on the Xilinx website.
  • If turned off, the application is not able to determine if a new Document Catalog is available.
  • To trigger an update manually, click the refresh icon on the Main Toolbar.
    • This refresh operation checks the Xilinx website for catalog updates and retrieves the latest data on document updates.
    • If a new catalog exists, the text for the button on the Main Toolbar changes to Update Catalog with an orange background.
    • If documents are updated, the Grid View displays the latest information.

The DocTray tab allows the user to switch between the Document Tray View and the Document Bar View

The Internet Settings Tab controls any proxy configuration required for accessing the Internet. Document Catalog.

  • For changes to these settings to take effect the application must be closed and reopened.
  • By default, the application uses the System Proxy Settings option.
    • On Windows, the Windows HTTP Services are checked first. If not available, then Internet Explorer settings are used.
    • On Linux, the system setting is determined by the value of the http_proxy environment variable.
  • If no proxy is in use (possibly when working from home), select the Connect Directly to the Internet option.
  • If a custom proxy is in place or if the authentication credentials are required to access the Internet, select the Use Custom Proxy Settings option.
    • The host and port information is the same information used in a standard system browser.
    • If a username and password are necessary, select the Prompt for Proxy Authentication Credential checkbox.
    • When this option is checked the application prompts for these values at start-up.
    • The settings remain (only in memory) until the application is closed and must be reentered the next time the application starts up.

A new setting, Change Catalog File Location, has been added to the settings. Enable the Change Catalog Location to access the latest version of the document catalog seamlessly.

The Shared Downloads Tab provides access to the new Shared Downloads feature.

  • This feature allows multiple users to share a common set of downloaded documents.
  • To enable the feature, check the Enable Shared Downloads checkbox and specify an existing shared directory that everyone can access.
  • When the Shared Downloads feature is used the local Download Directory is no longer used.
    • To return to using the local Download Directory, uncheck the Enable Shared Downloads checkbox.
    • Documents downloaded locally before using the Shared Downloads feature are available again.
  • The application must be restarted when switching between download configurations.

The Runtime Environment Tab provides information about the application installation and configuration as well as the runtime environment.This information is primarily intended for helping diagnose problems or when communicating with support.