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Xilinx Documentation Navigator User Guide

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1.4 English

The Search Tool searches the contents of documents.

  • To open the Search Tool, click the icon on the Main Toolbar.
    • Clicking the icon while the Search Tool is active will close it.
    • Opening the Search Tool can sometimes take a few seconds as the search index is loaded and the grid view is updated.
    • Closing the Search Tool can also take a few seconds as the grid view is reconfigured.
  • In the search tool, you can use four components to search for your document.
    1. Release version: This specifies the version of the document displayed in the grid view Release version can be selected from the drop down field that is located next to the Update Catalog button.
    2. Field Group: Located next to the Release Version field, the Field Group displays saved filters from the Filter Pane settings. You can select the filter with specified searches from the drop down menu.
    3. Document Filters: See Document Filters, for more information.
    4. Auto Filter: The Auto Filtering checkbox provides a powerful mechanism for filtering the list of documents based on a particular keyword or text string.

      • In this mode, all documents in the list that do not contain the string specified in the “Find Text” text input field are hidden.
      • This makes it easy to look for a specific set of documents related by topic or function.
      • Typing text into the text field when auto filtering is enabled triggers filtering operations to occur as the text changes.
        • This can be effective but depending upon the number of visible documents and machine load the response can become sluggish.
        • An alternative is to type the text first and then select the Auto Filter checkbox.

Search Results are the documents found to contain the specified search terms.

  • Searches are case insensitive and only complete words are matched.
  • Different forms of the same word are treated separately so “route” and “routing” are considered distinct search terms.
  • To include or exclude documents, click the filters provided in the Filter Panel.