Main Toolbar - 1.4 English

Xilinx Documentation Navigator User Guide

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1.4 English

The Main Toolbar of the Catalog Viewer provides access to several important features and functional components.

  • The icon at the far left of the toolbar triggers the application to check the Xilinx website for catalog and document updates.
    • The date the currently loaded Document Catalog was published is displayed in bold and is updated whenever the catalog is updated.
    • The Update Catalog button updates the application to the latest Document Catalog and keeps the information in the grid view up to date
    • The first combo box controls which version of software documents to display in the grid view.
    • The second combo box is used to select a Filter Group which makes it easy to switch between distinct sets of documents
  • Click the icon to open the Download Manager window used to download documents from the Xilinx website.
  • Click the icon to switch into search mode which is useful for finding documents based on the contents of the documents.
  • Click the icon to open the Manage Document Visibility dialog, used to configure which documents to show or hide in the application.
  • Click the icon to open the Find Bar used to find and highlight individual documents listed in the Grid View.
  • Click the icon to open the Settings Dialog which is used to control various preferences and other configuration options.