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Xilinx Documentation Navigator User Guide

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1.4 English

The Download Manager is the preferred approach for downloading documents from the Xilinx website.

  • To open the Download Manager, click the icon on the Main Toolbar
  • The Download Manager only works if Internet access is available and any required proxy settings are correctly configured.
  • Only documents currently displayed in the Grid View are considered for download.
    • New documents, documents not yet downloaded, and out-of-date documents are all candidates for downloading.
    • A document is not downloaded again if it was already downloaded and it is up to date. If a downloaded document is missing, the Download Manager downloads the document again. This occurs if a file is deleted directly from the file system outside the Documentation Navigator.
    • To download an individual document, right-click the document in the Grid View and select Download Document from the menu. This is also useful to force a document to download even if the application thinks it is up to date.
  • Web only resources (indicated by icon) are not available for downloading.
  • To trigger the Download Operation, click the Download button.
    • Documents are downloaded to the specified Download Directory.
    • The actual location under the Download Directory is determined by product, document type, and other document characteristics.