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Xilinx Documentation Navigator User Guide

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1.4 English

The Document Catalog is an XML file that defines the list of documents displayed in the Grid View. Each time the application is opened, the tool checks the Xilinx website to determine if a new version of the Document Catalog is available.

  • If a new version of the catalog is available, the button on the toolbar displays Update Catalog and has an orange background.
  • If the currently loaded catalog matches the version on the Web, the button on the toolbar displays Up to date and has a green background.
  • If no Internet access is available, the toolbar button displays Check Catalog Status.

To load the latest version of the Document Catalog, click the Update Catalog button. This opens the Catalog Manager which provides detailed information about the new catalog. Once the update is complete new documents are added to the Grid View. If the documents are removed from the Xilinx website, these documents are removed from the Grid View.

To trigger checking for a new Document Catalog, click the icon located at the far left of the Main Toolbar. This is useful if the application is opened for an extended period of time since the check is only performed when the application first opens.

Additional data is loaded from the Xilinx website whenever the application checks for catalog updates. This data contains the version and published date for each of the documents listed in the Grid View. This information is displayed in the Version and Published columns. If the application is unable to access the Internet regularly, the data in these columns may become out of date. The version and published dates are used to determine if downloaded documents are up to date.