Supported Types - 2024.1 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2024.1 English

Please see table Supported Combinations of Input/Output data types: for allowed input data type combinations and corresponding output type.

Table 52 Supported Combinations of Input/Output data types
InputA Data Type InputB Data Type Output Data Type Vector Size
int16 int16 int16 16
int16 int32 int32 8
int16 cint16 cint16 8
int16 cint32 cint32 4
int32 int16 int32 8
int32 int32 int32 8
int32 cint16 cint32 4
int32 cint32 cint32 4
cint16 int16 cint16 8
cint16 int32 cint32 4
cint16 cint16 cint16 8
cint16 cint32 cint32 4
cint32 int16 cint32 4
cint32 int32 cint32 4
cint32 cint16 cint32 4
cint32 cint32 cint32 4
float float float 8
float cfloat cfloat 4
cfloat float cfloat 4
cfloat cfloat cfloat 4