Input Data Samples - Array Organization - 2024.1 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2024.1 English

Input Data Samples must be stored in the Input Buffer in a form that lists set of input samples for each channel at a time, i.e. in the following form:

std::vector<TT_DATA> dataVector = {
                              D0.0, D0.1, D0.2, D0.2, ..., D0.M-2, D0.M-1,
                              D1.0, D1.1, D1.2, D1.2, ..., D1.M-2, D1.M-1,
                              DF-2.0, DF-2.1, DF-2.2, DF-2.2, ..., DF-2.M-2, DF-2.M-1,
                              DF-1.0, DF-1.1, DF-1.2, DF-1.2, ..., DF-1.M-2, DF-1.M-1,


  • TT_DATA - data type, e.g. cint16,
  • M - Number of TDM Channels (TP_TDM_CHANNELS),
  • F - Number of Frames within Input Buffer (NUMBER_OF_FRAMES = TP_INPUT_WINDOW_VSIZE / TP_TDM_CHANNELS).