Custom Platform Creation Tutorial on MPSoC - 2024.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Platform Creation (XD101)

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2024.1 English

Version: Vitis 2024.1 and Vivado 2024.1

In this module, you will create a custom Vitis embedded platform for ZCU104 capable of running Vitis acceleration applications. Additionally, this platform is versatile enough to support general embedded software applications. The diagram below illustrates the structure of this example system.

2PLHardwareSoftwareARM Trusted FirmwareCortexR5 Dual CortexA53CortexA53CortexA53CortexA53AXI interruptDPU……EthernetSD/EMMCUARTSPI FlashUSBDPHDMISATAButtonLEDSWITCHGPIO DriverZOL/XRT DriverInterrupt DriverUSB DriverSD DriverI2C DriverEthernet DriverQSPI DriverDDR Driver XRTVector AdditionAPP XCZU7EVClockgeneratorUserKernelSTEP3STEP2STEP1ARM resourcesPL resourcesData & control stream ZCU104DDR4DPU is kernel added and linked by V++ in step3. Bottom left is the platform created with step1 and step2.

Since ZCU104 is a validated AMD Evaluation Board and the AMD Vivado™ Design Suite includes its processing system presets, you can skip validating the board and start to build the full hardware and generate XSA.

To prepare the software components, follow these steps:

  1. Use the common image and create the DTB file according to the XSA file exported from step1.

  2. Package the platform.

  3. Run several test applications including Vitis AI applications on this customized platform to test it.