Export IP Invalid Argument / Revision Number Overflow Issue (Y2K22)

Release Date

Installation of Patch y2k22_patch-1.2
  • This patch will be applied for Vivado and Vitis (including HLS) versions 2014.x through 2021.2.
  • The patch consists of a Python script which adds a custom Tcl file to various installation locations and avoids the overflow.
1. Download the "" file attached to this page
2. Unzip the file into the installation root location
  • Default Windows installation location C:\Xilinx
  • Default Linux installation location: /opt/Xilinx or /tools/Xilinx
  • Note: While extracting this patch on Windows, make sure that the destination folder does not contain the Zip file name ( For example, if the installation root is C:\Xilinx make sure that after the extraction the y2k22_patch folder is under C:\Xilinx, i.e : C:\Xilinx\y2k22_patch
3. Open the README and follow the instructions for the specific version you are applying the patch to.
4. A successful output of the script will look like the following for each version of the tool it is being applied to:
[2022-01-07] INFO: This script (version: 1.2) patches Xilinx Tools for HLS Y2k22 bug for the following release:
2014.*, 2015.*, 2016.*, 2017.*, 2018.*, 2019.*, 2020.* and 2021.*
[2022-01-07] UPDATE: /tools/xilinx/Vivado/2021.1/common/scripts
[2022-01-07] COPY: /tools/xilinx/y2k22_patch/automg_patch_20220104.tcl  to
[2022-01-07] UPDATE: /tools/xilinx/Vitis_HLS/2021.1/common/scripts
[2022-01-07] COPY: /tools/xilinx/y2k22_patch/automg_patch_20220104.tcl  to 


  • The patch process requires Python version 2.7.5 or later.
    • If you are patching a 2019.x Xilinx release or later you can use the Python installed with Xilinx tools.
    • For the 2018.3 release or earlier, a separate Python install will be needed to run the script.
  • The script must be run from the base install directory and not from another directory.
    • Windows: C:\Xilinx
    • Linux: /tools/Xilinx
  • This script only adds files, and does not overwrite or delete any installation files.
  • A single run will apply the patch to all installed versions in the same base directory.
  • Minor release updates do not require an additional application of the patch.  For example: if 2021.1 is installed, the patch is applied, and if the 2021.1 Update 1 (2021.1.1) is then installed, the patch does not need to be re-applied to that version.
  • Patch Version 1.2 ( is the first released version.
Known Issues:
  • Python instructions for Linux 2020.2 in the README should read 'python3' instead of 'python'
* 2020.2
  On Linux run:
  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/Vivado/2020.2/tps/lnx64/python-3.8.3/lib/
  Vivado/2020.2/tps/lnx64/python-3.8.3/bin/python3 y2k22_patch/
  • On Linux systems, please make sure that you have a Timezone (TZ) set to allow a revision number to be generated.
  • The script does not check for permissions issues when copying files. Please manually verify that the files were copied per the log locations. If not copied, correct the permissions in the folders and re-run the script.

A fix will be implemented in the tools in a future release.