000035777 - Design Advisory for UltraScale+ and Zynq UltraScale+: ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 Safety Analysis and Software - October 2023 Update

Release Date
1.0 English

AMD advises safety conscious customers to use the latest version of the following:

  • Safety Manual (UG1226) version 5.1 covering UltraScale+ and Zynq UltraScale+ devices (available since October 2023)
  • FMEDA Tool version 4.1 (available since June 2023)
  • Safe PMUFW 2022.2 (available since September 2023)
  • XAPP1334 – Calculating Programmable Logic Failure Rates for Functional Safety Applications

Below is a summary of the key issues which have been resolved:

  • UG1226 – Updated to include UltraScale+ devices, updates to Assumption of Uses and other updates
  • FMEDA Tool – Updated to include newer devices and FIT rates per latest reliability monitor program (UG116)
  • XAPP1334 – Updated to include newer devices, latest FIT rates from UG116 and bug fixes to scripts
  • See the detailed change log for the PMUFW