000035155 - Design Advisory for Vivado 2022.2 Versal SSI Devices - Redundant Laguna Connectivity Issue

Release Date
1.0 English

This issue has been resolved for the 2023.1 version of Vivado, and designs using Versal SSIT devices must migrate to this version.

For affected designs:
  • Users are required to re-run the route_design with the fixed version (Vivado 2023.1).
  • For designs using Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX), if the first configuration (static plus Reconfigurable Module) is affected, then all configurations will need to be reimplemented. If the second or later configurations are affected, then only those affected configurations need to be reimplemented.
  • For Abstract Shell designs, the full shell should be checked with the identification Tcl script and not the abstract shell. If the full shell is affected, then the the full shell would need to be reimplemented, and the abstract shell recreated.
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